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We won Christmas Eve! We finished wrapping what presents weren’t already wrapped by 11pm.  The breakfast casserole was in the fridge; cookies, milk, and carrots crumb-scatteringly eaten; embossing glitter scattered near fireplace where the ever-observant Jack will see it to validate what he read in the Santa book. Only blemish is the train table that had no legs in the package, but we’ll deal. In bed before 11:30p!

Then we won Christmas morning! Peter slept till 6:30, then snuggled with us until Jack got up at 7. Santa’s toys were all a hit… and they didn’t even made it to OUR gifts until the afternoon, and grandma and grandpa’s gifts until two days later!


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Among various Xmas requests, Jack has made noises about wanting a fish. “Why not ask Santa for a fish, Jack?” His reply: “Mommy — Santa can’t make live things! You need bones, and skin, and blood, and he doesn’t have those kind of ingredients.”

You know what?  Fair enough.  That’s good enough for me.  After all, the logistics of buying a fish and fish equipment on the evening of Dec 24 (or earlier and hiding it) suggest that this may be a birthday present.

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This weekend my wife heard from the living room:

“On the next episode of Darth Vader and Jesus, will Darth Vader save Jesus in time from the lava?”

She found Jack had his Darth Vader action figure on a rope attached to the Christmas tree, swinging in to save the baby Jesus (from the nativity) from falling into the lava.

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