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“Was Jesus a real-life person? Where is he buried?”

So began a somewhat futile effort to teach a 4 year old (who loves pirates, Star Wars, and imagination) about God and the Passion/Resurrection story.  Highlights include:

  • Praying.  That means talking to God.  Have you seen people hold their hands like this?  “I’ve seen that, it’s like when they do karate”
  • Heaven and hell.  “Pepto [Laura’s dog] went to doggie heaven, right?”  Yes, and people can go to heaven too.  Some people think that heaven is a place you go when you die if you’re good.  And they also think that if you’re bad, after you die you go down to hell.  “Like in that Tom & Jerry episode.”  (Yup, there’s an episode where Tom has been given one last chance to be nice to Jerry or he goes down to the dog with the devil horns who cooks him in a big pot.)
  • Coming back from the dead.  I explained the whole bad people killed Jesus by nailing him to a cross and letting him die, but then after 3 days he came back to life.  “Like the zombie worm things in that Clone Wars episode we saw.”  Hmmm.  Coming back from the dead is not such an amazing thing any more, between video games and cartoons, death just doesn’t seem that permanent any more to kids.

Gonna hafta work on the whole God angle, clearly.


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This weekend my wife heard from the living room:

“On the next episode of Darth Vader and Jesus, will Darth Vader save Jesus in time from the lava?”

She found Jack had his Darth Vader action figure on a rope attached to the Christmas tree, swinging in to save the baby Jesus (from the nativity) from falling into the lava.

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Overheard from the 4 year old in the den:  Oh, Jesus, are you okay?

No, he wasn’t learning new colorful expressions… he’s playing with the Nativity set and put baby Jesus on the roof to see if he’d stay there. And you know the old saying: “A rolling baby Jesus gathers no straw.” Or something like that.  Who needs action figures when you have a Nativity scene?

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